I can't get my address to work

The format for our Journey Home book is a bit different than usual address entry fields, so first let's check that you've got everything in the right spot:

  • In the Door field, enter your door/house number (or name);
  • In the Street field, enter just the street portion of your address;
  • In the Post Code field, enter your postal/zip code;
  • And finally, if there's still nothing showing in the closest address box to your right, try adding in your town/city.

If an address near yours does appear in the closest address box, please go ahead and select it. You'll have the chance to adjust the map in the next step and make sure that everything is just right.

If you're still not having much luck after following the steps above, just get in touch using the Ask Our Angels button below. Be sure to send us the full address you're wanting to use, and we can have a look on our end and see how we can help.

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