Why can't I continue after creating my book?

When creating our book The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name, you'll first enter the child's name and gender, and then select an adventurer. From there, clicking 'create your book' will take you to a full preview of your book.

On this page, just underneath the virtual book you may see 'drawers' - one will have the child's name, one will say 'format' and another will say 'dedication'.

In order to activate the 'buy now' button and continue on, you'll need to click into each of the drawers, making sure that everything with your book is just how you'd like.

Saving each of those should add a green tick to the drawer, and once all are complete your 'buy now' button will allow you to continue on :)

If after completing the above you're still experiencing some trouble however, you can reach out to us by clicking the Ask Our Angels button below.

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