Why was I charged extra fees?

We never charge for anything other than the amount listed during checkout and in your order confirmation.

When additional fees are charged to your card, it’s usually having to do with one of two things:

The first is that there are some banks who will still charge you a small Foreign Transaction Fee or International Processing Fee for making purchases from businesses in other countries. Even though we try to keep things simple and efficient by charging you in your local currency, this is something we have no control over — it's solely up to the discretion of your bank and having to do with your account and card type.

The second is that our payment provider, Stripe, like most payment providers, will occasionally place a “test” charge to check the validity of an account. This is often applied to each attempt you've made to checkout, so if you tried to check out multiple times before the transaction finally completed, it may show more than once. This charge is most often immediately refunded or cleared from your statement, however, and should not be showing after 48-72 business hours.

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